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            Welcome: HGMA
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            Automatic Brick Stacking machine

            • Automatic bricks collecting product line
            Automatic bricks collecting product line

            Automatic bricks collecting product line

            • Product description: Automatic bricks collecting product line,concrete block stacker machine,cement brick palletizing machine
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            HGM Automatic collecting bricks advantage(Cuber/Palletize/Wrapper/Strapper )

            HGMA low-level brick automatic production line is suitable for dry product palletizing of simple block production lines. It belongs to a semi-automatic palletizing production line. In general, it is independently set up near the product maintenance yard. In the block production line, implement online palletizing.


            The characteristics of Huagong low-level automatic code brick machine:

            The automatic production line for low-level code bricks of Huagong can separate the bricks of different specifications produced by different models of brick machines, arrange the blocks and finally arrange them into 1000-1200 (mm) square stacks for stacking (standard solid bricks can be stacked up to a maximum height at a time) Up to 12 layers), can choose to wrap the film through the brick. With the forklift holding clamp, it can be directly picked up on the site without pallets, and the stacking height can be 3 stacks.
            The whole system adopts PLC + touch screen control, and only one person is required to operate it. The daily code brick volume is about 3800 boards / class. Can greatly save labor costs.

            Technical parameters of automatic code brick production line

            Total power

            29.5KW (including 7.5KW air compressor) (actual operating power 14. 2KW)

            Code brick maximum size

            1200mm long, 1200mm wide, 1450mm high

            Palletizing cycle

            15 seconds average period

            Total Weight

            11 tons

            Brick range

            Regular bricks arranged in the same direction are tried, (outside of triangular bricks)

            Applicable pallet size

            Model 4 to Model 15

            Automatic code brick output table:

            Brick specifications

            Pallet size specifications and output

            Pallet size specifications and output

            Pallet size specifications and output

            Solid brick


            Conventional layer: length 960xwidth 960, 76 pieces per layer, 52 pieces perforated layer; 15960 pieces per hour, 888 pieces per 12 layers

            Regular layer of length 1200xwidth 1200, 120 layers per layer, 96 perforated layers, 20160 blocks per hour, 1216 layers per stack

            Color brick


            Regular layer of length 800xwidth 800,
            32 per layer, 20 perforated layers, 6720 per hour, 692 per 22 layers

            Regular layer of length 1000-width 1000
            50 per layer, 35 perforated layers,
            10500 pieces per hour, 1085 pieces per 22 layers

            Regular layer of length 1200xwidth 1200, 120 pieces per layer, 96 pieces perforated layer, 25200 pieces per hour, 1416 pieces per stack 22 layers

            concrete Block


            Regular layer of length 800xwidth 800, 8 layers per layer, 6 perforated layers, 1 680 per hour, 7 layers per stack of 54

            Regular layer of length 1200xwidth 1200,
            18 per layer, 12 perforated layers,
            3780 pieces per hour, 120 pieces per stack of 7 layers

            With brick


            Regular layer of length 950x width 950, 95 layers per layer, 65 perforated layers, 19950 blocks per hour, 1210 layers per stack

            Regular layer length 1140-width 1140
            132 per layer, 96 perforated layers,
            27720 pieces per hour, 1548 pieces per 12 layers

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