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            Welcome: HGMA
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            Brick Making Machine

            • QT8-15 block making machine
            QT8-15 block making machine

            QT8-15 block making machine

            • Product description: QT8-15 block making machine
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            1. Brief Introduction of QT18-15 block machine

            QT8-15 making machine running automatically, using hydraulic transmission, double cloth(basic material and color fabrics), vibration pressure, height and compactness of the function of control, the exciting force, simple operation, easy maintenance and reliable operation.

            2. Main technical advantages of QT18-15 automatic brick machine:

            A.Machine Frame: adopt high strength steel and special weilding technology manufacturering, very strong.

            B.Oriented column: made of special steel ,chrome plated, and can bear powerful suppress and wears well.

            C.Mould head: mechanical and electrial hydraulic synchronous drive, the same height error rarely plate products,good products consistency.

            D.Material feeder: senser with hydraulic drive technology, using swing car cloth and arch broken bodies, have forced the centrifugal blow down, cloth quickly, particularly favorable to thin-walled hole more products.

            Cycle Time
            15-20(s) Total Power 38.1(kw)
            Vibration Type hydraulic vibration Motor Frequency 50hz
            Machine Dimension 9800*3600*2800(mm) Pallet Size 900*840*25(mm)
            Vibration Force 85KN Gross Weight 10500kg

            Hollow Blocks 390x190x190mm
            8 11520-15360
            Porous Bricks 240x115x90mm
            18 25920-34560
            Interlocking Block 200x100x60mm
            28 31600-40320
            Solid Bricks 240x115x51mm 42 60480-80640

            Skype: jenfyfu
            Whatsapp: 008615375766222
            Mobile phone: 008615375766222
            Viber: 008615375766222

            E-mail: blockmachinemaker@gmail.com

            E-mail: okblockmachine@gmail.com

            FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/okblockmachine

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