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            Welcome: HGMA
            Language: Chinese ∷  English

            Brick Making Machine

            • QT4-15 block making machine
            QT4-15 block making machine

            QT4-15 block making machine

            • Product description: QT4-15 concrete block making machine is according to china's national conditions, combining the maiority of the new and old customers device improved design of a new machine with the production og hig
            • INQUIRY

            HGMA QT4-15 Full Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

            (1) The electrical system are operated by PLC and equip with input date devices, the control system includes the advanced logical safety lock and trouble-diagnosis device that will point the trouble location promptly.

            (2)The machine is made of import some touch screen, hydraulic components to use imported components, and the high rate of valve and dynamic be based on different steps to adjust the precise control over key components of body movements, with high accuracy and high quality castings and special welding technology and materials to make rigid good. Stand vibration, long longevity.

            (3) The machine adopts four-lead the four clubs ensures the guide the way down and die exactly, the clearing led feeding device, equally fast molding cycles, material and production efficiency and quality of the blocks on a solid strength, the exact size.

            (4)Adopt technology of the electromechanical integration, Make the working cyclic process of the equipment unanimous ,thus forming a product of stability and waste rate is low.

            (5)Multifunction in one machine .Changing molds can produce various kinds of specification porous bricks, solid bricks, hollow bricks, with a double material-feeding machine can produce all kinds of the colored road bricks, and slope protection bricks etc.

            Main Technical Parameters
            Cycle Time 15-20(s) Total Power 22.9(kw)
            Vibration Type hydraulic vibration Motor Frequency 50hz
            Machine Dimension 8200*4350*2700(mm) Pallet Size 850×560×20(mm)
            Vibration Force 58kn Gross Weight 6200kg

            Brick Sizes Output/ mould Output/Shift(8hours)
            hollow Blocks 390x190x190mm 6 21,600-28,800
            Porous bricks 240x115x90mm 15 25,200-30,240
            Interlocking block
            200x100x60mm 31 43,200-57,600
            Solid bricks 240x115x53mm 30 43,200-57,600

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