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            Welcome: HGMA
            Language: Chinese ∷  English

            Hydraulic Press Block Machine

            • HDY1500 block machine
            HDY1500 block machine

            HDY1500 block machine

            • Product description: 150T Paving Brick Making Machine,HDY1500 hydraulic press block machine,concrete block making machine,
            • INQUIRY

            HDY1500type paver stone semi-automatic hydraulic making machine, the main frame structure of plate, solid, durable, high pressure, and adopts hydraulic cylinder push and pull mold, mold positioning accurately, whole machine high degree of automation, stable performance, density of pressed products, angular, high compressive strength, bending strength, suitable for all kinds of special shape, large size, high intensity, lu yanshi and fabrication, etc.

            The machine makes a variety of large size curbstones with lengths up to 1000mm. mold-making for different thickness and dimensions can be customized.

            Main Technical Parameters
            Max pressure 3000KN Cylinder diameter 360mm
            Pump pressure
            31.5MPa Pump displacement 63ml/r
            Motor power 7.7KW/380V Machine Size 2000x2000x2100(mm)
            Production/8hours 600~800pcs(Paving stone)

            Skype: jenfyfu
            Whatsapp: 008615375766222
            Mobile phone: 008615375766222
            Viber: 008615375766222

            E-mail: blockmachinemaker@gmail.com

            E-mail: okblockmachine@gmail.com

            FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/okblockmachine

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